Solar Capital Connections

Our Process

Solar Capital Connections understands getting your project to the NTP phase with a financier behind you can be difficult. Thankfully, our team has created a foolproof project plan that has facilitated success for a variety of businesses in several industries. Just a few steps in this plan include the following tenets:


Step 1

Secure Financing
Engage in Daily Contact with Client
• Ensure Readiness of All Four Pillars
• Develop LOI & Negotiate Developers Payment


Step 2

Secure a Financial Partner
Furnish Client with Copies of
  All Correspondence


Step 3

Construct an Operational Plan
• Negotiate or Assist in Negotiating the

Solutions for

Moving Forward



Solutions For Developers

Solar development is a capital and credit intensive business.  Our primary mandate is designed to be the conduit to equity, credit support, and debt to assist your projects through the capital/credit intensive high-risk phases of development and construction.  We also understand that all development is local, and we look to work with you as a developer partner to add our expertise, our relationships, to ensure your projects development success.  We will bring investors to you prior to NTP or upon completion, we will serve as a clearinghouse to match up your project with a growing class of asset owners to promote liquidity.

Joint Development: As a development and financial assist partner, we will provide a host of services, including comprehensive site analysis, assessments of environmental and permitting risks, economic modeling, assistance with technology selection, EPC, PPA, and lease negotiations, and if required will provide permanent financing solutions, including syndicating tax equity and debt.

Acquisition:  As an acquisitions platform, we will assess, value, and promote projects from developers looking for a strategic exit.   We are active in the broader North and South American markets, and elsewhere, have a robust capital commitment for projects in early to latter stages of development.

Restructuring:  As an multi-faceted investment portfolio vehicle, we have the capability to work with distressed assets in any stage of development.  We work with developers to place constructed assets with asset owners/operators.


Solutions for Investors

We provide low risk, investment grade, solar and renewable energy assets at scale.

Solar Capital Solutions and its Partner deliver to long-term owners at-scale solar and wind  systems with required market yields and recurring cash flows.  Our experienced team vets projects and developers to help match appropriate risk and return requirements of long-term owners.

SCC provides a proven approach to vetting projects thus reducing your time and risk in determining the purchase of such assets.  These include:

  • Vet projects, review systems at early stages;

  • Active analysis of proposed project energy production and performance;

  • Thorough assessment of long-term operations and maintenance costs;

  • Appropriate reserves built into each project

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Solutions For utilities


At Solar Capital Connections, we understand that not all kilowatt hours are created equally.  Whether it is the output profile, cost of power, or location on the grid, utilities are keen to pursue projects meeting their high standards and withstand the test of time. All 3,200+ utilities in the US alone have distinct energy needs, priorities, and goals.  Solar Capital Connections does not sell power to utilities, but partner with them to deliver high-quality energy solutions.  Solar Capital Connections and its partner work with the various investor-owned, publicly-owned, cooperative, and Federal electric utilities through the following mechanisms:

Power Purchase Agreements:  A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a financial arrangement in which a third-party owns, operates, and maintains the photovoltaic (PV) system, and a utility agrees to purchase the system’s electric output from the solar services provider for a predetermined period.  Solar Capital Connections partner has been instrumental in the development of the solar PPA, which has become the most widely used instrument in the marketplace to this day.

Build to Own: Utilities have a portfolio approach to their power supply, and as such, building their own assets substantially mitigates the risk of rising power costs.  Whether it is because of their strong balance sheets, RPS compliance, or power cost risk mitigation, utilities have a need and a unique ability to build and own solar assets.  Solar Capital Connections and its partner have developed, built, and financed more than 1,000+ MWs successfully, while developing up to 2,000+ MWs of wind, biomass, and solar PV, the Solar Capital Connections team has a strong track record in getting projects to the finish line.

Joint Development and Transfer Arrangements: Solar Capital Connections and its partner understand each utility has unique governance structures, power needs, and compliance rules affecting how they participate in projects.  We look to partner with a utility to jointly develop, build, and transfer an asset to a utility.  Solar Capital Connections creative leadership and financial flexibility translates into a solutions-oriented approach to working jointly with utilities to serve their needs.